Apex Legends Presents Limited Events With Exclusive Content

Starting on September 20, Apex Legends will surprise all its players by releasing its newest event called Beast of Prey Collection Event.

This latest event brings a number of interesting things in it. The first is to present a new game mode , Gun Run. This first update is a new game mode brought by Respawn Entertainment to Apex Legends .

Gun Run is a game mode in which players face three other teams whose goal is to master all available weapons. Each player manages to kill the enemy with the weapons obtained, you will get a stronger weapon.

“Play as a team and pass the track as quickly as possible with the help of unlimited ammo, health items , and automatic respawns,” Respawn said in its official statement.

The climax is when you play this Gun Run game mode, you will get an exclusive throwing knife that is available in it.

Beast of Prey Collection Event provides a number of cosmetics, consisting of items including skins as many as 24 pieces. The event presents a number of skins for several Legends, including for Horizon, Lifeline, Loba, Fuse, Pathfinder, Octane, and Rampart.

Of course , you can get the 24 items and skins at this event at the Apex Legends in-game store . You can buy these items and skins if you have enough Apex Coins or Crafting Metals savings.

“Unlock all 24 limited-time items during this event and you’ll receive Heirloom Loba,” said Respawn.

In this regard, Apex Legends players can also collect as much as 1,600 points every day if you do the challenges given in the Beast of Prey Collection Event. In addition, this event also presents several bundles in it, and you can get them on the Apex Legends store tab . These bundles include the Healing Huntress Bundle, Frozen Carnage Bundle, Cloud Marauder Bundle, and Wave Shift Bundle.

source: Electronic Arts

In addition to bringing some interesting things to Apex Legends players, the Beast of Prey Collection Event also provides a number of note changes. The note provides changes to Arenas and Rampart modes. The following is a note of the changes in both of them.

Arenas: Increased cost for the Mozambique Hammerpoint round.

  • White: from 100 up to 150.
  • Blue: from 200 up to 250.
  • Purple: from 500 up to 700.

Rampart: Sheila now inherits the sensitivity settings for the most similar optical sensor level.

  • 2x – Mobile Sheila zoom.
  • 3x – Mount Sheila zoom.

Finally, there are a number of bug fixes made by Respawn to several Legends and features in the Apex Legends game . Among them are the ultimate bug fixes from Newcastle, removing the tap-strafe ability on Gravity Cannons, and others.

Beast of Prey Collection This event will end on October 4 local time. Aren’t you interested in joining this event, Metaco friends?

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