Logitech G Cloud Gaming Launches Handheld Console

Logitech has finally announced their new handheld gaming console, G Cloud Gaming. As the name suggests, this console comes in a handheld mode similar to the Nintendo Switch. In addition, the console focuses on cloud-based games, although it has support for Android-based games. The Logitech G Cloud Gaming design looks similar to the leaked images that have been circulating on the internet. Overall, the design is similar to the Nintendo Switch, but is dominated by white.

The buttons themselves look more varied, including two analog thumbsticks, navigation buttons (D-pad), and four operation buttons X, Y, A, B. In addition, there are four other buttons, including the Logitech G button to display the submenu or pause and exit the game, the home button which is useful for bringing players (gamers) back to the Logitech launcher, the menu button and the context menu. There are also two bumper buttons and two trigger buttons.

Logitech also includes haptic effects, gyroscope, and remappable control functions. Because it supports cloud-based gaming, Logitech G Cloud Gaming offers a long battery life of up to 12 hours or more. 


The presence of Logitech G Cloud Gaming with a 7-inch IPS touch screen includes a Full HD resolution or 1,080 pixels and a 16:9 ratio. Logitech also includes support for refresh rates up to 60 Hz.

The engine is powered by Snapdragon 720G, it is an octa-core CPU chip with a clock speed of up to 2.3 GHz. This chip is coupled with 4GB LPDDR4X RAM and 64GB UFS internal storage, which users can upgrade with a microSD card.

The Logitech G Cloud Gaming console is powered by a 6,000 mAh battery that can be recharged via USB-C 3.1. Logitech says the console can be fully charged in 2.5 hours. When fully charged, Logitech G Cloud Gaming promises up to 12 hours of battery life. Logitech G Cloud Gaming does not come with SIM card support, so users can only rely on WiFi to play various games. To enrich the games supported by its consoles, Logitech has partnered with Microsoft and Nvidia to integrate Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now services into G Cloud Gaming.

Logitech is also partnering with Tencent to bring Android launcher support to the G Cloud Gaming Handheld console. With this support, users will be able to use the console in tablet mode to access various applications such as YouTube or Chrome.

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