PS5 Now Supports 1440p Resolution

Sony recently released a software update for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) , and one of the new features is support for 1440p resolution.

This update seems to be targeting PS5 gamers who use the screen to play games, because this 1440p resolution is usually on the screen and not on the TV.

But unfortunately at 1440p, the PS5 only supports a 60Hz & 120Hz refresh rate without a variable refresh rate (VRR). For now, VRR is only supported in 1080p & 2160p resolution.

This 1440p resolution support has previously been tested in the beta version of the firmware. This release is related to one of Sony’s items, namely the Inzone gaming monitor, one of which is a screen with a 1440p resolution.

In addition to changes in resolution support, the update also allows PS5 gamers to create gamelists, or folders, to categorize their games. There are 15 gamelists that can be created, with each containing 100 games, whether games from disc, digital, or streaming.

This update also makes it easier for gamers to return to the game because the last game action will be displayed on the screen. The 3D Audio option is now also easier to turn on or off & becomes Stereo Audio, to suit gamers’ tastes.

There is also a preview version feature that can be tested for PS5 gamers in the United States and England. That is the feature of voice commands to perform certain actions, for example gamers can say “Hey PlayStation, fin [keyword] on YouTube,” to search for certain videos on YouTube, even when playing a game.

In the future, Sony is also preparing a major update for the PS App application on Android & iOS. That is, gamers can activate PS Remote Play sessions directly from their phones or tablets, as long as the PS5 is in Rest mode.

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