Start Investing Halal with Sharia Mutual Funds

Having the largest Muslim population in the world, the State of Indonesia has many types of halal investments that are considered to meet Islamic rules, one of which is sharia mutual funds. Halal certification has made many people interested in investing in sharia mutual funds by handing over capital to the representative of the capital market manager.

How to become a sharia mutual fund investor? Before you start, it would be better to first identify the features and benefits it offers.

Characteristics of halal-certified sharia mutual funds

The following are the characteristics of halal-certified sharia mutual funds:

1. Has gone through the verification process of the Sharia Supervisory Board (DPS)

     In addition to going through the halal verification process from the DPS, sharia mutual funds are also a form of direct order from the Financial Services Authority through the Sharia Securities List by including the names of companies listed and can be traded in sharia mutual funds so that their haleness is guaranteed.

2. A cleansing process has been carried out by DPS

This is the most important thing in sharia mutual funds, where DPS has supervised and cleaned of things that can damage the halalness of money during the investment process.

Advantages of investing in Islamic mutual funds

1. Is a form of long-term investment

In setting up a financial plan for the long term, whether it is used for children’s education costs or to buy goods as needed with sharia mutual funds, you will benefit, namely investing to prepare for a better family future.

If investments are generally only 1-2 years old, Islamic mutual funds can reach 5 years which is called long-term investment.

2. Guaranteed data and security

If you are just starting to invest in Islamic mutual funds, you don’t have to worry about data security or the flow of money. Because the sharia has fully surrendered to people who really understand the circulation of money and its halalness has been guaranteed.

If you want to invest in a sharia mutual fund, you only need to prepare Rp. 100,000, only in this case sharia does not require investing regularly (monthly) just one payment, you can immediately become a manager.

However, before entering the world of Islamic investment, you first need to learn about mutual funds and investment managers, namely those who manage mutual funds. After that, you need to monitor regularly so you can find out information on the performance of Islamic mutual funds, the nominal amount and the benefits you will get.

If you feel bored or have a busy enough time that you can’t monitor it anymore, then you can make a sale by determining the amount of sales, both units and rupiah.

Starting a halal investment is not as complicated as imagined, with sharia mutual funds we can invest without fear of violating Islamic rules because it has been guaranteed and can be accounted for halal.

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