Steps to Play at OctaFx for Beginners

Some novice traders certainly don’t have enough knowledge about how to play at OctaFx correctly. Even though it looks easy at first glance, you need to pay attention to the following details so that the trading process at the broker can run smoothly and earn profits.

Login to Site Based Platform

The first step is to enter or visit the web-based OctaFx platform. This can be done if you want to trade immediately there is no need to download the application. OctaFx Web can also be reached via mobile or desktop.

Try to have constant and sufficient internet access because connecting to OctaFx via the web requires a fairly large network. In addition to a wider and more attractive appearance, the trading experience will be different than through the application.

Download the OctaFX App

This step of playing in OctaFx 2 can be carried out if you have a busy routine or high mobility. One of the advantages of trading through the application is that it is concise and can be carried out anywhere and anytime as long as there is good internet access.

Go to Playstore, then write ‘OctaFx’ in the search field. Download the app until it’s done 100%. Don’t forget to check the state of the internal storage first so that there are no falls or bugs when moving.

If there is limited storage space left, you can download the OctaFx application via a browser, such as Drama Mini, Uc Browser, and others. Use the keyword ‘OctaFx Old Version’, then match the details of your cellphone.

Create Account

After the application is successfully downloaded and installed, how to play at OctaFx then create an account. You have to make sure internet access is in a constant condition because the registration process requires a network to connect to the central server.

On the first page of OctaFx, click on the ‘Register’ section. You will be asked to enter your name, code and e-mail. Enter according to the original personal data so that the road clarification process can be faster. After you press the ‘register’ button, a verification e-mail will be sent.

Account Clarification

Account clarification is the 4th method in a series of steps to play at OctaFx. Each trader will be asked to enter an individual place. The point is to manage assets owned, get various additional bonuses, or participate in promotional programs.

If you want to connect to the balance transfer feature, unlimited withdrawals, and certain other means, then you must clarify. Clarification that is interpreted is through uploading a running identity document.

Deposit In Account That Has Been Created

The next method you need to do after the account clarification process is deposit. Surely this has a purpose as capital for trading in the foreign exchange market. OctaFx also provides several options for deposits, so that several users can choose according to their wishes.

The minimum amount in 1x business transaction or deposit is $25. However, the broker compares the minimum deposit value according to the division of certain regions. You can ask about the topic at customer service for clarity.


The last step to play at OctaFx is to trade. Before entering the foreign exchange market directly, it is recommended to study technical and essential analysis to be more secure when trading.

That knowledge will lead you to be more careful when reading market conditions, determine the moment, and take profits. Set low leverage to account for the worst odds.

Still remain calm when the assets they own experience a reduction. Use money management and risk management to make it easier to control capital. Not only that, but a mature strategy also has the potential to get optimal profits.

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